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Tony Wood-Wright The Devon Molecatcher

I offer mole control in East Devon / West Dorset and South Somerset, providing a professional service to Farms, Golf Courses, Schools, Sports fields and of course gardens both large and small.

As a traditional molecatcher, I operate a strict no mole - no fee policy, and by offering to produce the body of the mole or moles as confirmation of my success my clients are left with the reassurance of knowing that the job has been completed.

Fair and clear pricing, 3 bands of charging to suit you:
  • "No Mole - No Fee"
  • hourly rates, or
  • monthly/annual contracts.

Tony Wood-Wright "The Devon Mole Catcher"

You are assured of a humane and professional service from The Devon Molecatcher.

Based in beautiful mid Devon, The Devon Molecatcher provides the humane solution. Live catching of moles is not a service I provide, but with tested traps, the "Talpa europea" is despatched quickly with the minimum of suffering.

Mole Snippets:

  • They can pass Listeria to cattle and sheep.
  • Move up to the equivalent of 4 tonnes of earth an hour by a man.
  • Eat their own body weight in worms every 24/36 hours.
  • Do not hibernate.
  • Are NOT blind.
  • Males are bucks, females are does and young are pups.
  • Breed in May/June with 5-7 pups.
  • Great swimmers and can move overland.
Snippets by: "The Devon Molecatcher"
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